Everything You Need to Know About Our Deco-Type Anchor Bolts

At Threadline Products, we offer various steel-fabricated materials that help our customers in commercial and government infrastructure construction meet demanding engineering specifications and finish projects on-time and within budget.

Our commitment to offering fast, efficient delivery of our certifiable, customizable, and flexible products at competitive prices, means our product support and customer service teams are always ready to help.

In-Stock and Popular with Threadline Customers

As a one-stop shop for bolts, hardware, and fabricated products, we have many off-the-shelf offerings too. One of our routinely inventoried and most popular anchor bolt products is the Deco-Type Anchor Bolt.

Often used for anchoring heavy equipment and machinery, our Deco-Type Anchor Bolts fasten the desired machinery as specified by industrial engineers. These anchor bolts are designed with durability and adjustability in mind. 

Multiple Industrial Applications

Strong and stable, Deco-Type Bolts have many industrial applications, including their uses for securing equipment, pipe racking, and steel structures in a host of industrial settings. Their varied applications also guard against structural failure or damage of construction components.

Their robust locking features can perform at scale for jobs requiring structural elements in buildings and other structures erected on masonry or concrete. Whether used at construction sites, in highway DOT systems, electrical towers, power treatment, or marine industries, Deco-Type Anchor Bolts are essential for adhering large components to a solid foundation. 

Their adjustable nut makes certain your large components are properly balanced. With these nuts fine-tuning the alignment of your equipment is no longer challenging. Our Deco-Type Anchor Bolts can take on uneven surfaces or otherwise problematic installation variations without issue. 

Improve Equipment Safety, Performance, and Longevity

Optimal leveling promotes safer and better equipment performance, because vibrations and other operational issues are reduced. They also simplify the anchoring process by minimizing workers’ downtime and increasing productivity. By improving performance, Deco-Type Anchor Bolts promote greater longevity of your equipment as well. 

Deco-Type Bolts have a high load-bearing capacity because they’re made of the highest quality material. They’re reliable because they’ve been mill-tested, stress-proofed, and made from cold-rolled steel with a high tensile strength. 

Also, keep in mind that certifications needed on any anchor bolt type may be requested at the time of your order. Our satisfied customers can attest that our sturdy anchoring products provide better equipment-securing outcomes. 

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