About Us

Threadline Products, Inc. has proudly served the construction industry since 1984. Threadline Products, Inc. is a company built on reliable customer service, quality products and competitive prices. For 33 years Lenore Lemmond has led this company with respect and courage so it is with mixed emotions we announce her retirement at the end of this year. While Lenore is looking forward to spending more time with her granddaughter, she will be deeply missed by her Threadline Products family. Lenore will consult with the new ownership through December 2018 where her leadership and guidance is much appreciated.

Threadline Products, Inc. has been acquired by Jenny and Josh Miller, longtime residents of Charlotte, who have known Lenore for several years. Threadline Products, Inc. will continue to be listed with the state of North Carolina as a W.B.E./S.B.E./D.B.E./H.U.B. business. It also will continue to offer the flexible service its customers expect through its reliable, expert staff.

Threadline Products, Inc. will continue to offer domestic cut threaded rods from ¼” to 6”. As a fabricator of custom rods, it offers anchor bolts, double end rods, u bolts, threaded rod, threaded rebar and any other requirements you may require. Certification on any anchor bolt can be requested at the time of your order.

Through the years, Threadline Products, Inc. has branched out to fabricated items such as embeds, plates, lintels, pipe bollards, angle frames, grout pots and dumpster gates—just to name a few (see hardware). Threadline Products, Inc. has carbon, stainless and alloy material in stock ready to fabricate and meet your emergency requirements with certified welders on the fabrication team.

Threadline Products, Inc. is committed to provide quality products, reliable service and competitive prices. Threadline Products, Inc. will continue to take a flexible approach to ensure the development of a long term partnership with its customers and vendors. Jenny and Josh look forward to continuing to work with current and new Threadline Products, Inc. Customers.

Jennifer Z. Miller

We are committed to our core values:

  • Customer Needs

  • Quick Service

  • Quality

  • Flexibility

  • Knowledge of Products

  • Customer & Vendor Relationships