Anchor Bolts and Rods

Anchor Bolts

Located in Charlotte, NC, we can furnish any bolt or fastener for commercial building construction and concrete; F1554 anchor bolts, A325 structural connection bolts, grade 5/8 bolt, socket headed bolts, anchor bolts, anchor rods, rebar and more.

Anchor bolts are essential building materials that are used to fasten large, weighty structures to masonry or concrete surfaces. These bolts, which are usually made of sturdy steel, have a threaded end that makes it simple to attach nuts and washers. They are carefully inserted into the concrete before it hardens, creating a strong bond between the building and its base. The anchoring of highway barriers, machinery, beams, and columns in buildings is a common use for anchor bolts. Their dependable anchoring abilities reduce the risk of displacement or collapse by ensuring structural stability and safety, especially in seismically active or wind-prone areas.