More Than Bolts

By Josh Miller, Co-Owner & Operator of Threadline Products

When many of our customers think of Threadline Products, they immediately think of bolts – but our Charlotte-based custom metal fabrication shop can help our customers fill many other metal product needs.

While we are glad to be synonymous with one of our core products, we want customers to know that we are also here for their other metal needs – such as concrete embeds, grating and diamond plates, grout pots, pipe bollards, and more.

Concrete is one of the most common building materials because of its strength and durability. Concrete embeds – rectangular metal plates with attached welding studs – connect the concrete to the metal framework. 

Threadline Products works with construction supply partners to distribute concrete embeds. We also are an emergency source for concrete embeds when customers have a quick turnaround need so they can keep a product moving.

Fast and flexible metal fabrication is a key part of our value proposition at Threadline Products. We are here for our customers when they have unforeseen problems so that they can keep their projects moving forward. That flexibility extends beyond our anchors and bolts to our metal fabrication services.

We similarly create concrete bollards, which are steel tubes filled with concrete. These are used in various settings to control traffic and prevent vehicles from entering an area or hitting a building.

Threadline Products also plays a role in DoD infrastructure projects in North and South Carolina. Many of these custom-made products end up as bridge components. These might include bridge diaphragms, expansion joints for bridge decks, grout pots, and drain lines.

In addition to the structural components, Threadline Products has customers who source their decorative railings for pedestrian walkways and bridges through the custom shop. Such walkways also may require galvanized sidewalk cover plates that allow pedestrians to walk over connected areas without tripping.

Whatever the custom metal need, Threadline Products is committed to finding a way to help. One of our advantages is that our fabricators have a lot of experience – about 10 years in our shop on average. That is a lot of custom projects that we were able to create for our customers.

We say that our shop is your shop. If someone is in a jam, we want to help them, whether they are an existing customer or someone who comes through an industry contact. We listen to the customer’s problem and craft a flexible, efficient, and fast solution to meet their needs. 

That is the Threadline Products difference – we are fast, we are flexible, and we are at your service. When you need a specific product, and you need it fast, it’s time to come to Threadline. 
Contact us to learn about our custom fabrication capabilities, as well as our off-the-shelf components.

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