Client Case Study: Critical Data Center

By Threadline Products 

When a steel fabricator business needed more than 1,700 pieces of galvanized metal, Threadline Products came to the rescue – and kept the construction of a large office building on track.

The Challenge

Someone on the customers’ project team did not secure the necessary hardware for an office building under construction in Austin, Texas. It was time to place the anchor bolts in the ground – a crucial first step in the construction process.

Everything was waiting on anchor bolts, a small but essential part of the overall project. If the client couldn’t get the necessary hardware quickly, they risked falling behind schedule. They would either lose key members of the project team, such as the concrete and steel erection crews, to other jobs or have to pay them to do nothing while they waited on the bolts. 

The Solution

The customer contacted Threadline Products, asking how fast we could get galvanized anchor bolts, anchor bolt plate washers, and template plates to the project site in Austin. All materials had to be hot-dipped and galvanized, typically requiring a 10-14 day lead time. 

Nothing in the order was off-the-shelf hardware. Everything required custom fabrication in our shop in Charlotte. We would need to send all the parts to be galvanized and then reassemble them for shipping to Austin. Galvanizing usually takes a week by itself, not counting the fabrication.

Threadline was able to leverage supplier relationships to reduce the time for the galvanizing and speed up the delivery of the hardware. We were able to get the client the parts a week, and our client could keep their construction going.

Results Achieved for the Client

The order came in on October 25, and the products were on the job site on November 2 – saving cour client a week of construction time.

The order included the following:

  • 204 ¾” anchor bolt
  • 200 1-1/2” anchor bolts
  • 1212 anchor bolt plate washers
  • 101 ¼” template plates

The end result was 7,669 pounds of metal, all hot dipped galvanized, and 100 percent assembled, then shipped via hot shot for two-day delivery.

Our tagline reads, “Fast. Flexible. At Your Service.” Quick turnaround for custom-made metal hardware is at the heart of what Threadline does. 

We pride ourselves on turning around quote requests within a day of receiving them. Threadline can fabricate anchor bolts in two to three days compared to the two to three weeks that some large shops require.

Whatever your next project is, Threadline Products will get you the high-quality metal products you need in record time. To learn how we can help you accomplish your goals, request a quote today.

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