Theadline Products Sponsors Charlotte’s Brookstone Schools

As part of our commitment to improving and building our community, Threadline Products is proud to be an official Silver Sponsor for Brookstone Schools, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable, faith-based schooling to students throughout the Greater Charlotte area. We believe in the incredible power of Christ-centered education and we’re happy to support an organization that does it right. Teaching students faith, virtue, and knowledge is of the utmost importance.

Brookstone’s mission is to equip children from underprivileged communities with the educational, spiritual, and social guidance they need in order to live happy, prosperous lives. This Christ-centered academy is run by experienced educators who are talented in helping children develop a lifelong love for learning, as well as in building their academic abilities and social skills. 

Brookstone Schools offer academic opportunities for kindergarten through eighth grade, afterschool enrichment programs, and summer camps. To ensure that each of their graduates continues to thrive in high school, the schools have an incredible program called Solidarity Scholars, in which selected alumni attend monthly meetings to receive encouragement, academic support, and advice on continuing their educational journey in college. This program’s mission is to provide additional guidance and support to young people who come from low-income families and as a result, break the generational cycle of poverty.  

Earlier this year, the Threadline leadership team was pleased to attend Brookstone’s annual fundraiser as an official corporate sponsor. “Events like these are a fantastic opportunity for our team to learn more about the needs of our community, engage with nonprofit leaders, and figure out new and better ways for us to contribute to positive initiatives,” said Threadline President Jenny Miller. 

Threadline’s annual contributions to Brookstone Schools contribute to the schools serving more in-need students and improving lives, one lesson at a time. We’re excited to continue supporting this amazing organization and its efforts to better the lives of children through high-quality education, caring instruction, and the power of faith. 

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